About Beaten Track Publishing

Beaten Track is an independent publisher of fiction and non-fiction. 

We also provide services to writers to assist with the self-publishing process. 
  • We are not affiliated to any of the large publishing houses.
  • All our publications are by independent authors.*
  • All our authors retain full rights and royalties.
*We also list publications from like-minded publishers and authors' consortia.


Publications listed on our site are predominantly published by independent authors, although we also list publications from other like-minded publishers and authors' consortia. We are quite selective about who and what we list - publications have been handpicked by us from POD services or come from authors' requests to be listed. 

Beaten Track Publishing is a participant in both the Amazon EU Associates Programme and Amazon USA Associates Programme, an affiliate advertising programme designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com respectively. 

Please contact us if you would like to list your publications on this site - you can also recommend publications by other independent authors. Listing is free of charge

Why Beaten Track?

The first interpretation of this question leads to an explanation for the choice of name. Quite simply, we've all traversed the beaten track of authorship until our shoes are worn and our legs ache. Independent publishing is freedom from that treadmill and from the control exerted by traditional publishers. If the writers of the Beat Generation had been able to access the current publishing on demand services, it's safe to assume they'd have been doing what we are doing now. 

Or, to take this question the other way, why not? If you're using us to link to your work, then it's another outlet: more exposure and (hopefully for you and us) more sales. If you're using our paid-for pre-publication services, then you can be confident that your work is being cared for by one of the most pedantic proof-readers I know. Plus, if we like your work, you can use our name for free as your publisher - this is for those potential readers who still believe that self-publishing is about vanity instead of democracy. 

Who / What is Beaten Track Publishing?

The company is owned by Debbie McGowan, a self-publishing author by choice, having experienced both success and rejection at the hands of publishers. In all cases, her hard work didn't pay off financially and she doesn't believe any of us should surrender our creative freedom in order to attain a publishing deal.